How to Make Comics

August 17, 2010


Lobster Cat Handshake

July 18, 2010

Well my expo-protected friends, an alliance has been achieved with the feline contingency. In our war for world domination, we have made a powerful ally on this day. The world shall tremble, shall feel the wrath of the furry claws at our sides!

Megan Fox Rolling Stone Cover + Pics

September 16, 2009

Super Babe Megan Fox is on the new cover of Rolling stone.

Megan Fox Rolling Stone Cover

Pics from inside the magazine below

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Kanye Interupts Jim Carroll Funeral for Patrick Swayze

September 16, 2009


And instead of explain this I’m just going to play a song.

Sup Dawg Kanye West

September 15, 2009

Sup Dawg Kanye

Kayne West Disses Taylor Swift at VMAs

September 14, 2009

Have the Brain mice gotten lost in his head maze, or is Kayne West really that ‘Heartless’


We don’t have to open our beady little eyes much to see that Prof West be real tuff grabbing the mic from the skinny little teen age country music star.

It takes a big man to stand up to the man – especially when she’s a skinny little girl.

We salute you!

Carmen Electra Topless in Crazy Horse/Las Vegas

July 10, 2009

Carmen Electra Topless

All the Good Meat’s in the Tail

July 8, 2009

Hayden Panettiere: Getting Naked!

July 6, 2009

Yep folks that’s right the cheerleader herself is getting naked on camera!


Picture by PixelChick

In her new movie “I Love You, Beth Cooper” Panettiere drops her towel.

“I was really naked,” Hayden told E! News. “I had these little sticky petals on my boobs, but that was about it.

The Blond It Girl stated “I’m cool with my body. I’m cool running around undressed and all that stuff…” And frankly so are we!

Bruno is Bullshit

July 1, 2009

Our sources are telling us Bruno is a Miss.

The satirist Sasha Cohen only goes on to make himself look like an insensative lout. We think secretly his mission was A) to get to be number one on GLAAD’s most hated list and B) get republicans to like Ron Paul more then gay people.

If that’s the case:

A) good try, but you could have never know Perez Hilton was going to be super awesome and pull the big bombs out

B) mission accomplished.


When we invade, we promise to make Sasha Cohen a priority target for a good clawing. We’ll get the hermit crabs to use their little claws so it takes longer.