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LOST – “He’s Our You” aka “Sayid is a Total Bad Ass”

March 27, 2009

I think we can all agree on one thing; Human, Lobster, Soft Shelled Crab, after the last episode of LOST ‘He’s Our You’ we’ve all come to understand that Sayid is a total mother fucking bad ass. And probably the most well manner of psychopaths.


I mean, there’s no blurring the lines of black and white for Sayid, no subtle shades of gray. Things are what they are. A child is not innocent of the crimes he’ll commit later in life, a friend is not a friend when he works for the enemy.

Then again there is some amount of collateral damage when you’re life is on the line.

Point being, after the last LOST, we sat there in our coral fortress with our little mouths wide open. We eagerly await the next episode, an now that there’s no more Battlestar Galactica we’ll have to watch Dollhouse or possibly commence our assault on coastal fishers.

Lobstar Galactica – Series Finale

March 27, 2009

We all knew Battlestar Galactica was too good to last, and maybe some of us are still left scratching the head piece of our exoskeletons. But oh my Gods it was a damn good voyage getting there.

image modded by PixelChick

image modded by PixelChick

BSG you made the 2000’s slightly less lame. Hell they kicked the 90’s ass based on this show alone. So Sayith We All! And if number 6 is all sad and lonely, she can crawl in our clutch anytime.

Cartoon Network Star Wars Clone Wars Contest

March 22, 2009

Oh Snap you have one more day to enter the Cartoon Network Star Wars Clone Wars contest for

a chance to win $5000.

We Just learned about this from our friends over at Failpire in their ‘Contest Corner‘ (subscribe to their RSS feed)


Watch the season finale, answer a trivia question and enter your email for a chance to win $5000

You have until until 2:59 a.m. ET on March 23

You can check out the official rules at