Perez Hilton Admits to Lying about Will I Am Assualt

So Perez released a video telling his side of the story. Which is a laughable overly dramatic out burst of embarrassment.

After reports were released that Will I Am Was not the suspect and instead Police are investigating Black eyed Peas Manager Polo Molina.

In the video, Perez claims to have been punched in the eye 3 or 4 times Which apparently looks like, well frankly it looks like a zit popped.

Either that or Perez’ natural healing abilities rival wolverine!

Maybe he’s got one of the those Sarcophagus’s from Stargate.

And odd stiking point in the video is how often Perez claims Will I Am is the Liar and is responsible for Polo’s actions. This sort of repatition (again based on our extensive knowledge from watching Cal Lightman in action) is further proof of Hilton’s own attempts at covering something up.

Meanwhile a petition has been started to remove the Glamor whore from the teen choice awards

Interestingly enough people are claiming they’ll boycott Dr. Pepper (and other sponsors of the event). Dr. Pepper having been a long time partner with the Black Eyed Peas – There’s Irony for you.


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One Response to “Perez Hilton Admits to Lying about Will I Am Assualt”

  1. Bruno is Bullshit « Lobster Wars : The Epic Movie Of Epicness. Says:

    […] A) good try, but you could have never know Perez Hilton was going to be super awesome and pull the big bombs out […]

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