Nothing to See Here Yet.

Lobster Vaws aka Lobster Warz aka Lobster Wars is a Movie work in progress.

Zer Shall be Lobsters everywherez!

“You Sink Zis is Zum Kind of Normal Vaw!? Zis is no normal Vaw. Zis is a Lobster Vaw!”


One Response to “About”

  1. sadie Says:

    I have proof of actual lobsta vaws.

    I have been cutting out tiny lobster claws and putting them around our house. On my room mate’s cut out of Peter Pan, in her lamp, on her picture of a squirrel, on her toy dinosaur… I have pictures of all of these.

    However, a VAW has been started! After giving her poster of Jimi Hendrix giant lobster claws (he looks better that way…) she got so mad that she has initiated a real live VAW. She does not yet know who her ally is going to be, but she is going to start giving all of my stuff the appendages of some unknown animal. Obviously lobsters are going to win in the end, but this mysterious alliance animal may give the little critters a run for their money.

    Our house has become a battle between lobsters and an unknown enemy.

    The pictures I have so far are hilarious. Jimi Hendrix lobster and dinosaur lobster are my favorites.
    I don’t know if you would want the pictures, but since there is an actual lobster vaw going on in my house I thought it might be of interest to you since you made a site about lobster vaws.

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