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Kayne West Disses Taylor Swift at VMAs

September 14, 2009

Have the Brain mice gotten lost in his head maze, or is Kayne West really that ‘Heartless’


We don’t have to open our beady little eyes much to see that Prof West be real tuff grabbing the mic from the skinny little teen age country music star.

It takes a big man to stand up to the man – especially when she’s a skinny little girl.

We salute you!


Youtube : Demi Lovato falls on stage during concert

June 30, 2009

Demi Lovato, the Disney teen queen, seen here at “Princess Protection Program” Premiere in Toronto with attached at the hip best friend Selena Gomez, took a spill this week in concert.

Demi Lovato falls

Lovato takes a small trip at 1:14 in the video. Demi Falls performing ‘Until Your Mine’ but then laughs it off and keeps going.

Things that didn’t take a dive are Friday’s premiere of the Disney Channel’s “Princess Protection Program” movie – starring Lovato and Gomez – which attracted solid 8.5 million viewers.

Bionic Lobsters

June 27, 2009

Always remember brothers – we have agents everywhere!
The world will be ours!

Lobster Abs

April 24, 2009

We would just like to say that, this video really hits home.
First off Michael Phelps is a drug crazed, pot smoking, wanna be water creature who can’t act his way out of a plastic bag filled with water and tied with a rubber band.

and secondly if you don’t got cephalathorax you don’t got shit!

So take that.

Return of the Claw Ball (video)

January 28, 2009

This just in. We’ve just received video footage of the stunned prankie of the Claw Ball surprise.

Click here to play video

Well played Sadie; fight the good fight!

Happy Twenty Aught Nine

January 1, 2009

Well Humans you’ve made it. Another year has come up you and thus it’s time to resolve to be a better version of yourself. So go forth and make your offerings to the great God that is self esteem and the human condition.

But beware the results of your inevitable failure:

Now off with us, to buy 3 set of the superior foot wear, ah nike you glorious bastards. We shall surely kill you last.

I can Haz Catburger?!

October 22, 2008

We Shall Never Forget, We Shall Never Surrender.

No Matter the size of the enemy we are strong

-The Lobsters

Lobster Magnet

March 9, 2008