Youtube : Demi Lovato falls on stage during concert

June 30, 2009

Demi Lovato, the Disney teen queen, seen here at “Princess Protection Program” Premiere in Toronto with attached at the hip best friend Selena Gomez, took a spill this week in concert.

Demi Lovato falls

Lovato takes a small trip at 1:14 in the video. Demi Falls performing ‘Until Your Mine’ but then laughs it off and keeps going.

Things that didn’t take a dive are Friday’s premiere of the Disney Channel’s “Princess Protection Program” movie – starring Lovato and Gomez – which attracted solid 8.5 million viewers.


Rick Astley, 43, found dead in Berlin hotel room – mbmb?

June 30, 2009

Well in the wake of a series of shocking celeb deaths, that have spread like wildfire across the nets – a bigger wave of hoaxs as followed.


Tonight everyone is all atwitter on twitter about the passing of 43 year old pop star Rick Astley. Except we’re pretty damn sure it hasn’t happened. Not in a Berlin Hotel, Not in a box, not with a next of kin Miguel, not with a fox.

In fact we won’t rest until we’ve found irresputatble proof that Rick is alive and well. We’re Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

We’ve know each other for so long. Your hearts been aching. But youre too shy to say it. Inside we both know whats been going on. We know the game and were gonna play it. And if you ask me how Im feeling.Dont tell me you’re too blind to see.

When he does die, will he be Rick Rolling over in his grave?

Bionic Lobsters

June 27, 2009

Always remember brothers – we have agents everywhere!
The world will be ours!

Farrah Fawcett Playboy Images

June 26, 2009

Farrah Fawcett playboy images – or celebrating death with nudity!

What an odd day yesterday was,as you can see below in the google trends people were busy looking up articles in reference to the two deaths – sort of.

farrah fawcett playboy images

Hey, but we understand – what better way to commemorate someone’s death then looking up pictures of them in their prime, and then jerking off to them. We’re only shocked the number result wasn’t “Michael Jackson when he was black”

But who are we too stand in the way of your mouring, and celebration of a beautiful woman’s remembrance.

Behold your Golden Calf Idol in all her glory!

farrah fawcett playboy images

One Finally Thought on Perez Hilton

June 22, 2009

Perez-LiarWant the Code?

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Perez Hilton Admits to Lying about Will I Am Assualt

June 22, 2009

So Perez released a video telling his side of the story. Which is a laughable overly dramatic out burst of embarrassment.

After reports were released that Will I Am Was not the suspect and instead Police are investigating Black eyed Peas Manager Polo Molina.

In the video, Perez claims to have been punched in the eye 3 or 4 times Which apparently looks like, well frankly it looks like a zit popped.

Either that or Perez’ natural healing abilities rival wolverine!

Maybe he’s got one of the those Sarcophagus’s from Stargate.

And odd stiking point in the video is how often Perez claims Will I Am is the Liar and is responsible for Polo’s actions. This sort of repatition (again based on our extensive knowledge from watching Cal Lightman in action) is further proof of Hilton’s own attempts at covering something up.

Meanwhile a petition has been started to remove the Glamor whore from the teen choice awards

Interestingly enough people are claiming they’ll boycott Dr. Pepper (and other sponsors of the event). Dr. Pepper having been a long time partner with the Black Eyed Peas – There’s Irony for you.

Perez Hilton Loses 1 Million Followers

June 22, 2009

In the on going story – Hilton accuses Will I Am of giving him the beat down (we Call bullshit)

But apparetnly we’re not the only one’s calling bullshit. In fact little miss Bisexual Reality TV Star Tila Tequillia has been calling him out all day – along with starting a movement for her “Tila Army” #unfollowperezhilton.

Reports estimate that Hilton has lost 1 Million followers from his twitter.
His Twitter currently stands at :1,043,929 followers

All we have to say is:

LiarFeel free to repost this image

Here’s the code :

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Perez Hilton Claims Will I Am is Mean

June 22, 2009
Just after midnight Last Night, Perez Hilton tweeted about half a dozen messages alleging that Will.I.Am and his security guards had assaulted him. Hilton was in Toronto Sunday for the Much Music Awards
Artist Rendering of what Perez Probably looks like now

Artist Rendering of what Perez Probably looks like now

Interestingly enough Perez’s immediate thought process was to return to his hotel and tweet to his followers to call the police for him. He remained on twitter, replying to his fans and followers via twitter for several hours. Which of course is normal for people in shock. I mean what do we know, we’re lobsters we don’t tweet – no fingers.

At one point, in reply to Will.I.Am, who created a Twitter account to reply to Perez’s allegations, he claims that there were ‘Multiple Witnesses’

Perez Hilton (PerezHilton) on Twitter

We may just be lobsters, maybe our brains aren’t bigger then a thimble, But in a world where everyone has cell phones with cameras and such why haven’t a myriad of pictures come out already. Why isn’t this so called Truth speaking ?

Will I Am responds to claims made from Perez Hilton via Twitter and Dip Dive video footage (click here to watch video).

Will Claims to have simply brushed it off and walked away – we’ve been watching lots and lots of ‘Lie To Me‘ a Great show with Tim Roth as Cal Lightman. We even Scored a 94% on the Lie to Me test – so we’re pretty sure we’re able to detect lies from a mile away. Will doesn’t appear to be hiding anything, he’s clearly annoyed and at one point disgusted. But never lying.

So we’ve come to the conclusion that whoever assulated Hilton was not Will I Am and either Perez just wants to use this to keep his sad pathetic name in the spotlight or – he thinks all black people look the same – it’s not his fault he can’t tell them apart.

Hell, we can’t tell him apart from other spiky haired, over the hill, hipster 30-somethings that think they’re self important.

-The Lobsters

Lobster Abs

April 24, 2009

We would just like to say that, this video really hits home.
First off Michael Phelps is a drug crazed, pot smoking, wanna be water creature who can’t act his way out of a plastic bag filled with water and tied with a rubber band.

and secondly if you don’t got cephalathorax you don’t got shit!

So take that.