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Megan Fox Rolling Stone Cover + Pics

September 16, 2009

Super Babe Megan Fox is on the new cover of Rolling stone.

Megan Fox Rolling Stone Cover

Pics from inside the magazine below



Carmen Electra Topless in Crazy Horse/Las Vegas

July 10, 2009

Carmen Electra Topless

Youtube : Demi Lovato falls on stage during concert

June 30, 2009

Demi Lovato, the Disney teen queen, seen here at “Princess Protection Program” Premiere in Toronto with attached at the hip best friend Selena Gomez, took a spill this week in concert.

Demi Lovato falls

Lovato takes a small trip at 1:14 in the video. Demi Falls performing ‘Until Your Mine’ but then laughs it off and keeps going.

Things that didn’t take a dive are Friday’s premiere of the Disney Channel’s “Princess Protection Program” movie – starring Lovato and Gomez – which attracted solid 8.5 million viewers.

Farrah Fawcett Playboy Images

June 26, 2009

Farrah Fawcett playboy images – or celebrating death with nudity!

What an odd day yesterday was,as you can see below in the google trends people were busy looking up articles in reference to the two deaths – sort of.

farrah fawcett playboy images

Hey, but we understand – what better way to commemorate someone’s death then looking up pictures of them in their prime, and then jerking off to them. We’re only shocked the number result wasn’t “Michael Jackson when he was black”

But who are we too stand in the way of your mouring, and celebration of a beautiful woman’s remembrance.

Behold your Golden Calf Idol in all her glory!

farrah fawcett playboy images

Aubrey O’Day’s Nude Playboy Pics Leaked

February 12, 2009

The cover of Playboy magazine’s March 2009 issue, which features former Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day, has been leaked and found it’s way in to our little claws as well. Yay the internets! Yay Asstastic Blondes!


Bar Rafaeli Sports Illustrated Cover

February 9, 2009

Bar Rafaeli is going to be Sports Illustrated Cover Girl 2009. And we Applaude her, or aclawed her? As long as she can keep her mouth shut. Just goes to show you SI like hot chicks that don’t talk. Very macho, what would you expect?

We can only imagine what her amazing visage will look like on the new cover.


Bitches Love the Shell!

January 7, 2009

Look at these two crustacean playas hanging with the hotties. The holidays have been good to those in red suits.

http:__sacfoodies.com_2007_12_ image 1

click pic for original photo

But remember, there will be no peace, only world dominations!

Even the Womenz Love Dem Buggers

March 10, 2008
God Speed you Lobsters Vaws-1
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I'm A loner Dottie, A lobster - Lobster Vaws
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Lobsters Pwn Yer Womenz
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It’s true Lobsters Pwn yer womenz. There’s only one way to fight Lobsters With Lobsters!