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How to Make Comics

August 17, 2010


Pictures of Lobsters

November 21, 2008

Today we learned a sad cruel lesson.

As it was in checking out our amazing wordpress stats, and the incoming links associated with lobster wars we found ourselves glorious on the first page of the google results for an incoming query.

It was only a mere dissappointing second later that we learned this query was the grossly misspelled ‘pictures of lobters’ and not ‘Pictures of Lobsters’

it was so easily spelled out before us: did you mean: pictures of lobsters

Oh Google, you cruel cruel blunt mistress.

Our little green hearts sank just a bit. But then, we found outselves on a mission. What would the mutant lobsters of the deep sea do? What would the robot lobsters of area 51 do! Rise to the top, like all lobsters looking for flesh to eat.

So this day forth, we’re putting one crushing claw in front of another (or technically in front of a non crushing claw) until we’re the number query in pictures of lobsters

So to prove a point here is a picture of a lobster.

Even the Womenz Love Dem Buggers

March 10, 2008
God Speed you Lobsters Vaws-1
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I'm A loner Dottie, A lobster - Lobster Vaws
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Lobsters Pwn Yer Womenz
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It’s true Lobsters Pwn yer womenz. There’s only one way to fight Lobsters With Lobsters!

Mutant Lobster

February 15, 2008